Bohême / About Bohême

Bohême manufacturer of skis and snowboards of exception

Born in 1998 in the French Alps

EPV certified company, recognition for the excellence of French know how


French ski manufacture handcraft

The story Bohême germinated in the minds of passionate people. Three extremists of strong sensations, had for several years previously, developed means of riding including snowboards, skysurfs, wakeboards… Their knowledge of a diverse selection of manufacturers of snowboards gave birth to the spirit and to the BOHEME Company itself in 1998. They made their first swallow (boards), then attacked the ski market where the brand exploded by its hand-crafted manufacturing and veneered wood. Answering the new expectations of the ski freeride, they created what the industrial manufacturers did not, by realising that there is no compromise on materials choices, no compromise on spent time… the objective is clear, to aim for perfection: performance and aesthetics!

A 100% French ski company

Taken over in 2013 by a loving customer of the brand, Jacques Ruchon, the identity of Bohême strengthened by capitalizing on the existing knowledge. The quality of the product was confirmed and Bohême became an international brand by developing a selected distribution. In the old installed at Lumbin, close to Grenoble, the company acquired a new factory at Chabeuil, at the base of French Alps, where only the passionate work. Bohême is a brand of ski mixing tradition and products of excellence. It addresses the need of skiers looking for unlimited efficiency and a dissimilar aesthetic, the unique model!
In 2014, Bohême produced their own water monoski: Aqua Vintage !

A unique ski for a quality pushed to the extreme

It is enough to visit the workshop to just feel the passion. The place perspires the unique sensations of riding. Amongst the tools, the craftsmen inhale the requirement of performance and the beauty of the object. Here, our joiners and cabinet makers create the dreams of those passionate about riding. Bohême goes against the current. We live for love and wood, and we allow ourselves all that we wish for. We forget the stopwatch of life, the economy and its compromises, to build a handcrafted collection at the peak of perfection. It is voluntarily a “micro production “. Bohême only produce 1000 units a year, it is a way to guarantee authenticity, the quality of finish & delicacy which pushed to provide the extreme quality.

Handcrafted ski manufacture

Here, machines did not replace people…

Bohême does not operate on volume targets. While respecting the products of our industrial “older brothers”, Bohême differs and is proud of it. Our craftsmen are not doing the same job, the authentic ski is their common value, and with all their expertise, they create different products for different customers who are not satisfied with the uniformity. Because riding is their passion; performance is their requirement and the aesthetics their lifestyle! Against the globalization, Bohême lives on passion and on freedom… Bohême has gradually moved from a confidential business to a production of skis on measure for the connoisseurs in more than 25 countries. Bohême is a philosophy, a state of mind, to choose to belong to this family it is little return to religion