Télémark by Bohême

Télémark by Bohême

Skis and snowboards that ally high tech and handcraft.

Boheme Whistler Paldao

The performance of our skis and snowboards is our first objective, to achieve this goal we have chosen the most elaborated components, the same as used in the World Cup. The aesthetics and the finish are then our signature and our reason to be… That’s why in never compromising on the choice of materials, we equally do not compromise on the time taken to create our products. To Bohême the high-tech product is “hand-made”, in the French Alps, taking a week of work (34 hours!) to produce a pair of made to measure skis, the research into performance joins perfect aesthetics.

Passion, a fuel to produce “somethingelse in another way”

Performance, finish and quality are the magic words of the manufacturing. All the Bohême products are hand-made in our workshop of Lumbin, near Grenoble. The team consists of 3 craftsmen and the foreman; Olivier Piantoni, (shaper who initiated the brand). These are the passionate craftsmen who will create these prestigious products for you.

Shaping of woodcores and sticking of ABS sidewalls

Each single woodcore is sculptured due to the geometry of the model by a “shaper” craftsman. He will cut and profile the woodcore then stick the ABS sidewalls (it is in part what will define the flex of the ski or the board). The woodcores are made of beech and poplar.

Shaping of woodcores and sticking of ABS sidewalls

Preparation of the ski components

Cut and shaping of the edges: our wide steel edges are cut and arched according to every model of ski or snowboard.

Cut of the veneer: the veneer wood is the soul and the signature of the Bohême products. These veneers are chosen individually for their attractive veins and their more or less contrasting knots. The veneer is natural, untreated wood. We simply shape it flat and cut it. It is always unique and will constitute the cover of your ski or snowboard.

Cut of the running bases (by hand), cut fabrics (carbon, fiberglass, kevlar), cut logo, integration of heelpieces and aluminum tips, it’s the assembly of the components of the sandwich construction before the molding.

Preparation of the ski components

Vacuum molding…

The Bohême secret… We use a press under vacuum with slow grip resins. ” Every single fiber has its direction. The good position of every material is essential “. Every component is coated with resin by hand, the «sandwich» is “cooked” several hours at 85 °C, it’s part of the secret of the Bohême products longevity and a key essential of their efficiency on snow.

Vacuum molding at Boheme ski

Cut and finish

The product taken out of the press is minutely cut and sanded, it is at this stage that we see the final shape appearing. We already imagine the promised sensations, we  unconsciously smell the performances…

Cutting of Boheme skis after molding

Varnish and screenprinting

We use a mixture, of which Olivier, as the good druid of Bohême, keeps secret the composition. It is the protection of your Bohême boards and skis. 5 layers of satin varnish and hardener protect the screenprinting of our designs or of yours if you want a visuel made to measure…

ski Varnish and screenprinting

Manual race finish of running bases and edges

Here there is no robot to dilute the character of the product. This stage is too important for the final performance, every single board benefits from a real manual preparation. After a first stone finish of the bases and a ceramic sharpening of edges, Alain, Masterchef of the diamond file and eraser, lover of amazing structures and hot waxing, brings you all its experience for a perfect ride and edge grip from your first minute on snow.

Boheme ski manual finish

Logo sticking and numbering

The last visual control of the product is there to guarantee its authenticity and its quality, at this stage we put the logo and we number every piece once again ” by hand “. Your guarantee card will show the signature of the craftsman which validated this last step, the number and the name of your ski or snowboard, and it’s also your membership card of the Bohême club.

Prestigious ski numbering